Long-term solutions to declining revenue and declining student enrollment

In the past four years, the district has lost more than 1000 students. With the current trends, the district will lose another 2000 students by 2025. I will work to bring in new funding resources, with solid long-term solutions. I will work to implement a plan for increasing enrollment, including a campaign to highlight and detail the great programs that are comparable and better than other local school districts.

Information Transparency

There has been a lack of open communication and visibility of Trustees in the past four years. I will be visible and available to all stakeholders. I will continue to discuss possible solutions with stakeholders, including parents.

Cost of programs

Working parents face a dilemma of high-cost after school care for children. The cost of the programs has parents making tough decisions. An in-depth analysis of these programs is overdue and changes need to be made.


Investing in teachers is investing in our children

The teachers are the backbone of a child’s education. With COVID-19 and Distance Learning, we need to ensure the teachers have the appropriate resources and training to provide a high-quality education. I will strive to create programs with the city and other key bodies to bring more resources for our teachers, including ability to live in our city.

Promoting educational equity across all schools

The availability and quality of programs varies across the elementary and middle schools. I want to have a review of the programs and proportionately implement programs across all sites so there is equity for ALL students.

Promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) learning as early as first grade

STEM education is very crucial for our children. STEM concepts should be introduced into each grade level, starting from first grade. Additionally, every student within the district should have access to after-school STEM programs at all school sites.