More About Me

I immigrated to the US when I was almost 2 years old with my parents and two older brothers. Growing up in Kansas, my siblings and I attended public schools from kindergarten through high school in the suburbs of Kansas City. My parents were very involved in our school activities and the PTA.

I have lived in Union City since 2005 with my husband and we are parents of a 4th grader at Guy Emanuele Elementary School. I am a member of the School Site Council. I have also worked on various projects with NHUSD, including participating in the Superintendent interviews and re-naming of Alvarado Middle School to Itliong-Vera Cruz Middle School. I recently created a parent advisory group working with immigrant parents to understand the school district. This is important for me because I saw how involved my parents were in my education, but learning the system was not without its challenges.

I am a CEO of a volunteer-driven healthcare non-profit that provides free medical care to the uninsured. I have an extensive career in healthcare management over the past 15 years.

RotaCare Bay Area clinics were on paper charts when I start in 2015. I spearheaded the initiative and implementation of electronic health records. This allowed the clinics to transition to telehealth in April, when the clinics closed in-person appointments due to the pandemic. RotaCare is also an awardee of an FCC Telehealth grant, providing more connected devices for uninsured patients for better health data connectivity with the electronic health record. Under my leadership, the organization has seen an increase in revenues, during a time when many non-profits are seeing a decline in funding.

Additionally, I have been a lecturer at CSU-East Bay. I taught courses in the MS – Healthcare program working with the Department of Public Affairs and Administration. I was also a lecturer at University of Phoenix, teaching courses in finance, ethics and quality management.

In addition to participating in local events, I have also coordinated jacket donations working with local social services organizations in Union City and Hayward. I am on the Hayward Rotary Board of Directors and chair the Community Services Committee.

Volunteering and helping those who are less fortunate are important values for me to teach my daughter.

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